January 03, 2003

Cool-Mom Points

I just wanted everyone to know that I scored some MAJOR cool-mom points this morning.

My daughter had a friend from across the street spend the night last night. I didn't think about it until this morning but we really don't have anything for breakfast. After searching the cupboards and the fridge I figured that I had enough things to make pancakes but we didn't have syrup. What did I come up with?

Chocolate chip pancakes with powdered sugar dusted on top. My child, who in the future should be referred to as Benedict Arnold, said "Wow mom, I didn't know you could make things like this! I thought only daddy could!" You'll be happy to know that she is still living. Friend just squealed with delight and dug into breakfast.

Not bad for an anti-housewife, huh?

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Holy Shit it is 2003

I survived my first night back at work. Surprisingly, I was only missing one student! They took a long test, grumbled a whole lot, and then started working on their reports.

I got a big 'ol shock when I was driving home. In addition to the fact that the drive took me four times as long due to a number of accidents on the freeway (at 1030pm people!) because of the heavy rain and wind, I was informed (while sitting at the gate to the base) that my post sticker was gone. I turned off the wipers and holy shit, it IS gone! The poor soldier on duty was at a loss as to what to do. The expiration sticker and the little one that says "BaseName" were still there, but the one with the actual registration number was missing. I never really noticed but the wiper blades go across the whole lot of stickers. We checked it out and it doesn't look like it was stolen...there is just a bunch of sticky gunk left, like it just got wiped away. After looking at my ID card about ten times, consulting with three other people, and making a phone call to the main gate, they finally let me on base. I left a note for John letting him know that he needs to get me a new sticker today. Hopefully we can find a better place to put it.

Oh no! I just went and made another cup of coffee and realize that I only have enough Equal to make one more cup! This will not do!!

I have appreciated all the comments and nice emails from everyone about my goals for the coming new year. The encouragement to go back to school helps a lot! Next week I will be going to the education center here on base to see what they can do for me, and to hopefully get some information on both taking classes and the possibility of doing some CLEP tests. As much as I despise taking tests, I take them well and wouldn't mind testing out of as many classes as possible. Hopefully just being able to put on a resume that I am going to school will help me find a better job (full time! Another goal!) and that in turn will help with almost all of the other goals.

We are going to Costco today to stock up on all the low carb stuff. Then we are coming home and clearing all the "bad" stuff out of the house. Just gone...get it out of here and away from my weak willpower. I'll be fine in a few weeks, really. Until then, John and WildChild can just go out to eat if they are having carb cravings. It is all about me, right?

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