January 01, 2003

New Year, Same old me

I really should learn that I won't magically wake up on January 1st and be a brand new person. Nice dream though, right?

I haven't given a bunch of thought about what my resolutions should be. I know that there are many things that I would like to at least start Part of me is almost scared to post them here just out of fear of failure. What the hell...right?

1. Get in shape. I know, I know! I think that has been a resolution/dream/desire for the past ten years. I figure I have about eighteen months or so until my 20 year reunion. I refuse to go looking like I look now. In addition to that I just want to FEEL better. I've sorta-kinda maintained the loss from last year. This year I hope to lose just as much. And exercise. Four to five times a week. I don't have a lot of excuses not to except for laziness. I have a fucking treadmill sitting about two feet from me right now and a full weight bench that is about four feet away. I need to walk at least 30 minutes a day. I WILL walk at least 30 minutes a day. Hopefully you all can keep me accountable.

2. Quit smoking this year...again. This is half out of wanting to be healthy and half out of financial crap. It is getting too fucking expensive to smoke any more! The only stumbling block that I see here is John. I've got to find a better way than just cold turkey for him. His physical reactions to quitting make it just too damn hard to live with him. One of the last times he tried to quit I actually threw a pack of smokes at him and told him to go outside and smoke. Yeah, happy fucking joy joy in this house when he quits.

3. Get a full time job. I think this is an obvious one, since I've been talking about it for ages now. I'll still teach at night for the time being, mainly to dig us out of the credit card hole faster than we're digging now.

4. Get out of debt. Finish paying off all the piddley credit card debt we've got. I know we won't be able to have the cars paid off and we both realize that. However, we CAN pay off the remainder of the credit cards and have that much more money a month. We are doing OK in that department...but I wish it would go faster.

5. Start school. I don't care if it is a class in basket weaving....I need to go to school. I know that starting is the hardest part but I would like to start, hopefully this coming spring. At least one class, even just a Saturday class. I also think that it would be a good example for the WildChild, showing her that education is good and important and gee, maybe you should do it while you are young.

6. See everyone in my family at some point. I didn't tell my little sister this, but I was hoping that I was going to be able to go visit her this winter break. However, when we checked into airfare on the airline that John has a voucher with, the cost was still just too damn high. At some point this year, I would love for all of us to be able to be in the same city at the same time. Keep your figers crossed!

I'm not setting my goals that high, am I? I think the only one that really has me challenged is the school thing. I just need to stop being scared about it and go, right? Everything else just feels so right (and, ya know, I'm not hungover this morning! Surprise!) I can do it!

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