December 30, 2002

Ahhh sweet sweet internet

So we went with Earthlink. After a few downloads and countless errors I have figured out that MSN is actually run by satan's brainless minions. Did you know that if you had previously used MSN, then cancelled the account, then tried to activate a new account you can't? Even with the new MSN8 bullshit?

I have to call and cancel that soon as I'm done with all the surfing that I haven't been able to do for the past week. I no longer have a fear of my dialup not working...I can just use Earthlink for all our internet needs and just sign in to mine when I want to send some email.

What did we do while we were not online? We cleaned house. Really cleaned house! The tree and all the holiday stuff are down and put away for the year. I put pretty labels on the boxes so that I can find them again next year. We went out in the storage shed and sifted through a few boxes. Some things just went straight to the trash, others into smaller boxes and a few things came into the house (foot massager! foot spa! hooray!!!) We arranged some furniture in the living room in a different fashion and it looks pretty nice. We made lists of things that we would like to buy and/or make. Stop laughing....I can figure out how to use the damn sewing machine!

Today is the first day of all low-carb all the time. I had some lovely leftover roast for brunch. The treadmill is sitting here taunting me and I know that I just need to suck it up and hop on. I have to find my shoes first....

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