December 27, 2002


Evidently unlimited doesn't always mean unlimited...and that usually also ends up meaning that a family of three can't all share one dial-up connection when we all use the computer different hours.

There is a notice on my login that I've used 86% of our quota...but I can't find an actual number anywhere to tell me what that quote is (or how I could possibly figure out just how many hours 14% would be). Our next billing date isn't until Jan. 11th. I have a feeling that John will be signing up for some other dialup place for the mean time. I'd almost prefer that the WildChild use the MSN or whatever since there are a lot more controls that we can set.

I'm in a crabby mood and I need more coffee. The weather sucks ass (big wind storm a'comin doncha know!) and I can't decide if I'm cold or not. I'm going to go fold some laundry and rotate the wash and watch movies all day. And not think about

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