December 26, 2002

Boxing Day

Not that we are actually celebrating Boxing Day...unless the actual idea of the holiday is to go through boxes that you haven't unpacked since you moved six months ago and you are tired of not knowing what is inside of them. If that is the case, then we are celebrating Boxing Week.

Christmas Eve evening was very nice and low-key. We had the WildChild open up one present of our choosing. We gave her the PowerPuff Girls Monopoly game and then played for a quick four hours. I was totally kicking ass until John and WildChild decided that my decision to NOT sell any of my properties (which meant nobody but me could build anything!) meant that the game would go on until I bankrupted everyone. I was declared the winner and then we all ended up going to bed.

Santa left us some great stocking stuffers this year. In addition to the new toothbrushes (ya know, to balance all the damn candy in the stockings) I got all kinds of good smelling shower stuff. I'd just used up most of my stash of B&BW and VitaBath stuff so it was a great gift. WildChild got me the most hilarious stocking stuffer. A tongue ring that has a place for a tiny little glowstick to go. It comes with four glowsticks and I assume I could get more if I wanted to. I just had to laugh realizing that my child bought me a tongue barbell!

We alternated between napping and eating for most of yesterday. I woke up at noon from the morning mimosa nap. I was waiting for my sister to call me so that we could call our dad on three-way calling. She finally called at about 1:30 and said she'd totally spaced the call. It was so nice talking to my dad on the phone. He said it was fairly warm in Louisiana and that my older sister would be driving down that night. We all chatted and talked for an hour and then it was nap time again.

The rib roast was to die for. John did a wonderful job on dinner. It was cooked to perfection. We ended up not making half the things we had planned just because we realized it would just be way too much food. As it was I was stuffed after dinner. We had some Sour Cream Apple pie for dessert which I finally was able to sample at about 1030pm. We sat and watched White Christmas on TV and drifted off to sleep.

John is at work this morning though I expect him home by about noon. I got some mysterious email from my dial-up provider talking about acceptable use and time limits and all. Hopefully I won't have to purchase more time since we're broke as hell. I've looked and I don't see any actual numbers as far as actual use. I do see the idle time limits and all and I'm hoping to just be online while someone is sitting in the chair. I'll have to remind John not to have the computer connected while he's watching TV in here.

I had a wonderful holiday and I hope that next year we can be someplace with snow and family...preferrably at the same time!

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