December 24, 2002

Christmas Eve

I'm finally home! For eight days! In. A. Row!!!

Work was quite laid back this morning. I was instructed by more than one supervisor to put on my snowman slippers. We had an instruction interview for a potential employee. My slippers were specifically pointed out. Yeah...come work with us and wear nightclothes to work! I liked his presentation and found out that he'd been offered the job. Hopefully he can work with the hours and all that.

I took the wildchild to the PX and we powershopped for John's presents. We sent him off to the electronics section to drool and within 15 minutes we had found all the presents for him that we wanted to buy. I lucked out and most of them either had special coupons on them for the day before Christmas or were just slashed in price. The toolbox that we had looked at for him a few weeks ago was down from $65 to $19.95! There just might be something good about waiting until the last minute! I think the only thing we paid full price for were his blue jeans. Since he won't buy them for himself, I end up getting him at least one pair as presents throughout the year.

We came home a little bit ago and wrapped everything up. WildChild still has a few more things to wrap and we are desperately trying to keep the cats away from the catnip we bought for their stocking. John has been in here three times to ask me for different versions of artichoke dip. Of course, we couldn't have looked all this up before the stores closed and we're in for the afternoon. I'm fairly certain that we have everything we need....and if not, we didn't need it that bad.

We have on the Christmas Eve menu: A deli tray with salami, pepperoni and roast beef, assorted crackers, artichoke dip in a sourdough bread bowl, hummus and assorted chips. It is a snacky kind of evening for us. I'm sure that before the evening is out the WildChild will have talked us into letting her open at least one present. It is going to be weird this year, not having any "santa presents" to lay out for her. Tomorrow we have a rib roast and assorted side dishes. Yes, the diet starts on the 26th!

I'm going to go have a drink, eat some snacks and enjoy being with my family. If we're smart, we'll have the WildChild open the Powerpuff Girls Monopoly game so we can play it this evening.

Merry Christmas to everyone! To my friends I wish you all the happiness and joy of the season and special people to spend you time with. To my family I wish you were all here, spending time with me and mine. I miss you all terribly...

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