December 23, 2002

O Holy Night....please let me sleep!

I've been awake now for about 20 hours. I just finished working 14.5 of them. For some strange reason this morning I was compelled not only to wear a suit jacket and tie but make-up as well. Lack of a proper night of sleep is my only defense.

I did have a great time today at school which made it a little better. I got some more great gifts, not only from my Secret Santa but from a few students. One of the coolest things was the snowman tealight candle holder. It is all sparkly and cute. From one of my students I got a pair of snowman slipper socks that have snowballs all over the top. Tres cute and she said they just jumped out at her screaming my name. One of my other students got me a little plastic computer mouse that plays the AOL tune and says "you've got mail!" when you click the button. It is only really hilarious because I would have to stand behind her saying "click the it, it is OK! Click it! Click! Click! Click!" Needless to say, she isn't scared of clicking the mouse any more.

I'm exhausted and heading to bed. I hope to get a whole night of sleep (and NOT wake up at 130am wide the fuck awake) and get some much needed rest. I just might wear my snowman slipper socks to school in the morning...

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