December 22, 2002

Remind me not to write late at night...

I am exhausted. I almost feel like going to work tomorrow for 14.5 hours will be easier than this past weekend!

We baked cookies like fiends yesterday. Umpteen batches of various chocolate chip cookies, some white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies and a horribly failed attempt at some frech lace cookies. Most of them are going to work with me tomorrow. I was smart and signed up either for cookies or "dessert", which means more cookies.

Today we went to the PX and browsed for a bit. John showed me some things that he wanted since I have NO idea what to get him this year. There was a really nice toolbox with drawers on the front that he had his eye on. He also liked, for some unknown reason, the giant inflatable christmas tree...the kind made of nylon. Have you seen these horrible things? My apologies if you have one of those things but to me, it just screams of something I would have hitched to the top of my double-wide trailer!

John just finished making some of his almond roca-like candy. I might take some of that in tomorrow as well. We were going to make some russian teacakes tonight but nobody really seems up to it. I think that would make a nice afternoon project for John and WildChild tomorrow while I'm at work!

I've got two early mornings this week then I'm off for eight glorious days. Of course, we'll be too broke to go and actually DO anything but still, I'll get to sleep in and watch evening TV!

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