December 21, 2002

Merry Fucking Christmas

As much as I'd like to count this entry as the 20th, it isn't quite fair. It really is the 21st (3am right now) so I guess I'll take the one day hit. You can check my calendar...I've written every other day!

I just spent the most wonderful time talking with my husband. We caught up on all the mundane things that are going on in our lives. I love having late nights with him where we can just sit and talk about everything.

The other night at work I was talking to my boss about what John does in the Army and all. I started talking about the new Strykers and his place in all of it. I also started talking about his being deployed next June or so. My boss was pretty much floored that I was talking about this in such "matter-of-fact" tones. There was no crying or wailing on my part. It is just the way it is.

What am I supposed to do in this situation? Sit and cry into my beer? This is something that we signed on for...the long haul of "retirement". His being gone is something that the WildChild are used to. Six months here, six months there....where are we supposed to expect it to end? Sure, I am spoiled in knowing that unless our president declares some kind of stop-loss, John will be able to retire in early 2004 or so. I still worry about it just like I worried about him during the Gulf War. We lucked out then and he didn't have to go based on where we were stationed at the time (in the middle of fucking nowhere with no support near) but this time I don't feel so lucky. All I can do is hope that he is safe and sound at all times.

It is the wish that I have for all people this holiday...peace and happiness for the holiday.

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