December 18, 2002

working and wishing for sleep

I should be sleeping...or at least preparing to sleep. I was overcome with an attack of the stupids while at work today and agreed to drive to another campus and teach from 8am to 5pm tomorrow. That means I have to get up at around 5am so that I can be ready to leave early early. Traffic in the Seattle area is shitty at best, must leave extra early to ensure I'm at school on time.

I've worked a ton of extra hours this month. Unfortunately, I won't see a dime of it until the beginning of January. I hate getting paid just once a month. You feel so rich for a few days, spend some money and BAM...broke again. Thankfully John gets paid twice a month and we don't have a rent/mortgage payment.

I think John got all the presents mailed off today. He took my advice about the post office and drove to DuPont. No line again! Of course, they didn't have the box size that he needed to he ended up sending them all Priority Mail. *ouch* I suppose the good thing is that the kids will all have their presents before Christmas.

We have a baking list the length of my arm for this weekend. In addition to all the goodies I want to make, I also have to have things for the Neverending Potluck that is scheduled on Monday at work. The afternoon class is having one, the staff is having one at 4:30 and the evening classes are having one giant potluck at about 7pm. I'm going to have to be rolled out of the building at the end of the night! I'm cheating and bringing desserts for all three. Since I have to work all damn day (8am-1030pm) I need to take things that will keep well and still be good. That pretty much leaves anything hot out of the question. I think I'll make some french lace cookies, some various chocolate chip cookies and maybe some russian teacakes. If I can talk John into it, I'll have him make some of his fake Almond Roca for me as well. The stuff is to die for and is only missing the pretty gold foil. mmmmmmmmm, candy!

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