December 17, 2002

More random stuff

If you come home after 11pm and your kitchen is trashed BUT there is a plate of white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies on the it a good trade off?

I'm supposed to be wrapping presents so that the WildChild doesn't "find" any more of them. I also went to the post office. I figure I can wrangle an hour of extra time for my brilliance. I was smart...the lines on base at the post office were out the damn doors. Since I'm not much for standing in the rain I decided to drive five minutes to the small post office over by our old apartment. Those ten minutes spent driving? Saved over an hour at least! Yes, phear my mad postal skillz beeyatch! Not one damn person in line and I think the postal clerk was even happy to see me! Of course, I could claim that I stood in line at the post office on base and give myself a free hour of online time today.

I need to come up with a few more gifts for my secret santa person at work. So far I have: a barrel of monkeys, a chocolate orange, a few tins of chocolates, a magic 8-ball, a snow globe ornament and a holiday pencil set. I'm thinking of a few holiday mix CDs as well. I think that if I make the labels on the printer she won't figure out it is me until next Monday.

Speaking of Monday...I think I have like three potlucks going on at school that day. Oh the joys of working long days before the holidays. I need to think of three dishes that will be able to travel into school with me and still be good by lunch, 4:30 and 7:00pm. They'll have to roll me out of the building at the end of the day!

I suppose I should go find some boxes to wrap these presents in. I also need to find the charger for my MD player since I don't spend enough time in the car to properly charge it. I've been looking for the actual CD that I made for my holiday cards last year but can't find it. I have a sinking feeling that I deleted a bunch of the songs over the summer when I was having a space crunch on the HD. Downloading a bunch more songs will take foreverrrrrr *whine*.

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