December 16, 2002


Today would be my Grandma's birthday. Thankfully I can type that one without bursting into tears.

I have so many great memories of Christmas at her house. Christmas eve was always spent at our Grandparent's house with an ever rotating round of guests over the course of the evening. I would see cousins and great aunts/uncles that we normally didn't see the rest of the year. I would see my great uncle Charlie and he would always promise me a purple pony. People I only knew were related to me somehow would tell me how much I looked like my mother when she was young. I just remember being happy, stealing as many cookies and treats from the table that we could get away with, watching TV in the bedroom with the other kids.

My grandma loved going to buffets. She would plan out her eating (either fast or slow, as if it would help her eat all the things that she wanted). We didn't go very often (maybe once a year?) so it was usually a big deal for the whole family to get together to go out. My mom had seven brothers and spouses and usually a few kids thrown in to make things interesting.

There was one time we all were going out. Grandma would let me sit by her in the car and would whisper to me like a co-conspiritor. "Shell, you can have dessert first if you like, I'll keep your mother at the other end of the buffet." "Make sure you try some of the pasta/potatos/soup." She would smile and hold a finger up to her lips, letting me know it was our secret.

She got the greatest nickname from her love of buffet places...Hoover. My aunts had made some comment about her sucking up food and someone said the word Hoover. It stuck. It was always something we would say in jest to make her smile and laugh.

I miss her most around this time of year. Not just because of her birthday but because of the many vivid memories of holidays at her home.

I love ya Hoover...I hope the buffet where you are has all your favorites.

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