December 09, 2002

I am in carb hell

I definitely did NOT stay on the low-carb wagon this weekend. I had pizza and some chips and popcorn. I had a sandwich! I had a whole slew of things that I am not 'supposed' to have. We don't even need to discuss the peanut m&ms or the chocolate minis or the chocolate-orange bells.

That said...I feel almost hungover this morning and didn't have a damn thing to drink last night. Curses on my body for not handling carbs well!

This is probably the hardest time of year for me to stay LC. What with all the cookies and cakes and cookies and candies and cookies and eggnog and cookies and potlucks and cookies... You start telling yourself "one cookie is OK" and it pretty much plummets downhill at about 150MPH from there.

My new LC goal is to try my hardest to stay LC at least Monday through Friday. Sure, that means I'll end up not losing any weight but it should hopefully also mean that I won't GAIN any. I'm not very motivated diet-wise in December. It seems like the time of year when I load up on all the sugary goodness that I don't have the rest of the year. I'm usually fine, really! I know that after my holiday break I will have to find a daytime job to make more money. I won't be able to do that feeling this way. I KNOW how much better I feel when I am 'eating on plan' but sometimes, just have to have that deep dish pizza!

I'm working a bunch of extra hours this week but so far I don't have to be in at 8am except for Saturday. That could change today or tomorrow since I'm still waiting to hear from another trainer on some time off she is taking. I'm trying to work enough hours to not kill my vacation for the holiday (already taken care of!) and still work as many extra hours as last month for pay purposes. I'm almost there I think but I'll have to check my calendar when I get into work. I need to find a few hours to go get my nails done since they are getting long enough to impede typing quickly. I also would like a haircut and color. Hopefully John can help me with the trim and then I'll color.

I'm going to go take some vitamins, drink a few big glasses of water and finish getting ready for work. Is it Friday yet??

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