December 08, 2002

Decorating the tree

It is amazing how serene it can be decorating a tree by yourself.

As strange as it felt buying the tree and all while John still isn't home I can't say that I missed the annual LightFight. You know the one...someone finds the box of decorations and pulls out a ball of tangled lights. Once the strands have been de-tangled (and many swear words and dirty looks exchanged) the real fun can begin. There is always a difference of opinion on exactly WHERE the lights should be placed. How far apart? How far in the tree? And what do you mean you want to try some artsy-fartsy light experiment? (That would be the year I wrapped the entire center pole in blue lights and used white lights everywhere else. It looked much MUCH cooler in my head!)

This year was nice and quiet. I bought two big boxes of the little rice lights. I like the way the lights are offshoots of the actual strand. You seem to get better coverage that way. Or something like that. Anyway, I unpacked all the lights and slowly walked around the tree putting them where I damn well wanted to put them. It looks quite nice.

This morning I unpacked the plastic ornaments and started hanging them. I probably should have bought another two boxes or so but it'll do for this year. I put on the tacky silver garland as well as the beaded garland. The finishing touch was the Spree candy canes that the WildChild had begged me to buy. I fully expect them all to be gone by next week.

I didn't quite know what to do with the monster strand of lights. Since they are colored lights I don't like them on the tree anymore. I used about half the nails in John's toolbox and strung them all over the shelves. Since the strand is actually two long strands with the plug and controller in the middle, I took the second strand and made some squarish-like design down the hallway. WildChild thinks it is the coolest thing in the world. I guess that is all that really matters, right?

Once I get a little more motivated I'll post some pictures. The tree itself is quite pretty and full. After the fake Charlie Brown barely-there tree this one looks all professional and shit. Well, except for the decorations. The lights though? They are perfect...and I'll have to kill John if he says one bad thing about them!

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