December 07, 2002

The holiday spirit...

So I have a tree. It is outside right now having been hosed off by me. I'm letting it sit about another hour before I attempt to bring it into the house. I even got the little "tree kit" since it came with a big bag to dispose of said tree.

We stopped at Walgreens and found some cheapy plastic ornaments. If I don't have enough at least I know where I can find some more. I'm not putting anything breakable on this year since it was almost hazardous to our feet last year. If the cats didn't break the ornament by knocking it off the tree, batting it into the wall a few times usually did the trick.

I bought a new stocking to hang up at work. It just sounded so much easier than looking through even more boxes without knowing for sure that I would find the others. I also bought a bunch of the little 'rice lites' for the tree, some snazzy silver garland and some ornament hook thingies.

It is just now 6pm and I'm exhausted. I drug the girls around with me all afternoon while they were wearing either santa hats or reindeer antlers with bells. I usually tried to act like I didn't know them but they caught on and started walking arm-in-arm with me. *forbidden smiley*

I'm going to go have some hot chocolate with amaretto, forage for dinner in the kitchen and hope that the tree is drying nicely outside. I need to clear more space for it before I bring it in the house anyway. *sigh*

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