December 06, 2002


I finally went out to the scary storage shed in the backyard to find the Christmas stuff. All I could find was one box with some lights and our old stockings. This would be the box that sat in storage while we were in Korea. I can't find the box from Korea with more lights and the nice stockings in it. I know we should have another box someplace with even more lights.

So I gave in and said that the wildchild could have a friend spend the night on Saturday. She has been fairly good at sticking to the TV rules and getting her work done. I really hope we get some kind of progress report before the holiday break so that I can see how much she has improved.

I don't have a ton of time this morning to write. I'm supposed to be leaving soon to cover another shift for someone. I got a few more hours scheduled last night for a class that worries me. It will be covering some Accounting stuff...yuk! I'm fine with the advanced Excel but trying to explain the debit/credit thing makes my head hurt. If I can cover for even more hours I'll not only cover the break (unpaid) between Christmas and New Years but I'll also have about the same paycheck as this month. All without needing to use up my meager vacation hours!

I need to go shopping tomorrow for a tree and some unbreakable ornaments. Speaking of ornaments...I don't even know where those are. Probably with the nice stockings in some box someplace. WildChild is pretty psyched about getting a tree. She almost thought I had bought one yesterday when I had the tree stand sitting on the washer. I had found it in the other storage shed and brought it in so I could wash it.

It almost feels wrong...going out to buy a tree on our own. Even though I know John will be home next week it isn't quite the same. WildChild and I have spent plenty of holidays on our own, making do the best we can. That is the life of a military wife.

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