December 04, 2002

The Lovely Bones

I finished reading The Lovely Bones early this morning. I bought it yesterday while I was shopping. A nice little pre-holiday present for me. I made the mistake of taking the book with me to work. Two different people swiped the book to read the first chapter. Thankfully they brought the book back with requests to borrow it once I am done.

I loved it. I loved the whole idea of the book. I loved the writing. Parts had me on the edge of my chair, especially parts where I was afraid that Lindsey or Ruth were on the verge of finding the body. I admit to being a little disappointed that while she was in Ruth's body she didn't tell Ray where to find her bones. I'll have to think for a little while on that one. Right now I am thinking that she was just so happy to be "grown up" and to be able to be with Ray again that it never occured to her to tell him where to find her body.

I got a little sad at the end when she was on the phone trying to talk to her brother. I felt her helplessness. It was a little better when I realized that her leaving didn't mean that Ruth was going to be dead.

I'm going to pay for staying up so late reading. I fell asleep on the couch shortly after finishing the book and awoke to the sounds of the roofers putting on the new shingles this 7am. It isn't quite as loud as yesterday since they did finish putting on the new sheets of wood yesterday. Good's raining to beat the band outside this morning.

John left for the field at about 5am. He woke me, made a little joke about my sleeping with books again, kissed me gently and said he would see me in a week. I feel bad that the weather is so damn nasty this morning. They aren't going far...staying on BaseName as far as I know, just out in the middle of the woods someplace. I'll have to make sure there is something good and warm for him to eat when he comes home.

The WildChild seems to be getting her act together as far as school is concerned. She brought home a lot of assignments from the last grading period that she said the teacher is allowing her to complete. Since she's been grounded from the TV I suppose she figured she might as well get all the work caught up and done. Either that or there will be a request for slumber parties soon. Either motivation aside, it is good to see her finally getting excited about finishing her work again. I feel guilty that I won't be home on Friday or Monday when she gets home from school. I'm working extra hours at work which is always a good thing since we could use the money. Tonight will be the first night she'll have to get ready and into bed with nobody home. I expect a few phone calls at work but I'm hoping I don't get any. The neighbor across the street knows that John is gone and said that the WildChild could go over there if she needs anything.

Good lord I need a better job with much better hours.

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