December 03, 2002

Silence...wherefor art thou Silence?


What an alarm clock to wake up to this morning.

See, I am a nightowl by nature. While I might complain bitterly about the hours that I work it is only because it cuts into my family time. I'm quite happy to not wake up early in the morning and fight traffic to go to a job. The cats are quite happy to keep me comfortable and warm while I snuggle in bed after everyone has left the house in the morning.


This morning, however, they are a little frantic. They keep looking at me like "yo bitch! make all that noise stop!" Oliver nipped my ears repeatedly until I fully removed the pillow from my head. Spazz was standing on my chest as if to say "for the love of god, make the scary noises stop!!!"

The noise leads me to the conclusion that today is actually the day that the military is starting to put a new roof on our house. They claim they will be done by Friday afternoon. We can't use any door but the front door and we can't park in the driveway. Oh, and we can't park in front of our house as there is no parking on our side of the street.

I don't normally go to sleep until about 2am. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I get home about 11, eat some dinner, decompress a bit and play on the computer. I might even turn on the TV. What that usually means is that I get to sleep until about 9am, waking up when my body says it has gotten enough sleep.


This morning? 7am baby, nice and early. (I'd have said bright but it's cloudy and foggy here so there is not much 'bright' about the mornings) It only makes it a bit worse since I couldn't fall asleep right away last night and was awake until about 3:30 channel surfing.

The hours the roofers work? 7am-530pm. That means no chance for a nap. Not that I have TIME for a nap today. I have to run to the bank, pay some bills, buy more holiday cards and do some scouting for presents.

(Holy fuck! Some guy just walked by the office window and looked in here! Scared the shit out of me since I can see the reflection to the window in my monitor screen. I wonder if he realizes that I can 'see' him even though my back is to the window?)

Anyhow...I'm off to shower and throw on some clothes and run out the door. I will put on some holiday tunes in the car to keep me awake. My only saving grace is that I've got easy classes to teach this week. I only have to be super-dooper-high-energy on Friday when I cover for another teacher during a class start.


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