December 02, 2002

Additional stuff

I opened my email this morning to a very confusing message. It seems that a few years ago I wrote something not so nice about a website. I called the webmaster a greedy fucker. Did I mean it? No, I was just mad that I couldn't afford to pay for membership and read the groovy horoscopes any longer.

This morning I've emailed back and forth with the nice guy and got to read my horoscopes again. If you like reading a kickass horoscope, please go join his page. I'm promising myself that I'll either a) donate something after I figure out how much money I have left after holiday shopping or b) pay for a membership after I get a second/better job. I do understand that with popular websites there can sometimes be significant costs involved, especially with bandwidth/hit issues. Help this guy out, he's only asking $5/month for subscriptions and the 'scopes are cool. Like I said a few years ago...any horoscope that is going to curse at me can't be all bad!

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Recap of the long weekend...finally

I shouldn't write during Girl Week. I probably shouldn't even think during Girl Week...but driving to work each day does require some brain cells so I don't think I can avoid that one.

The weekend was great fun. We drove seven hours down to Cave Junction, Oregon to visit A and her family. We left about an hour after we initially wanted to leave, which put us at her house about an hour after she thought we would arrive. I took some great pictures on the drive down of the scenery and fog. It was almost as if we were driving on clouds, looking down on the mountains and valleys.

We had some great turkey enchiladas and watched some bad network TV until we all were ready to fall asleep sitting upright. I think we were pretty wiped out from the drive.

On Saturday John went out on the quads with the guys. He came home quite muddy and tired and happy. He took some pretty cool pictures with the digital cam and as soon as I can make him sit still for more than five minutes, I'll have him tell me what they are.

The girls stayed home and baked cookies, put together a tree and decorated stuff. It was just a nice, low-key day and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. I stayed up pretty late talking Saturday night. OK, so it was after 2am Sunday morning when I finally went to bed. I wasn't quite happy when John woke me up in the morning so that we could leave.

The drive home sucked major ass. We ended up in the midst of everyone else trying to get home from the long weekend. A few times we ended up just sitting on the freeway not moving. It wasn't helping my cramps nor my mood. I just wanted to get home, get some Girl Week drugs in me and relax.

I need to find some unbreakable ornaments for the tree this year. Last year the cats obliterated about half of the ones we had on the tree. I'm thinking that plastic is the way to go.

I have to admit to an embarassing story...

I was talking to John on Thursday night about decorating around the house. I mentioned something about getting the tree out of the storage shed. He looked at me like I had sprouted a third eye. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that we'd left the sad tree in Korea. I have NO memory of telling him that we should give the tree away. I mean, I'm sure I did, since it was such a crappy tree and all, but still. So, that means I get to go buy a tree next weekend without him. I'll try and be restrained....but I think he's still worried.

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