December 01, 2002

Oh's girl week

I was having the most wonderful weekend. Then it slams into me like a suicidal driver hitting a brick wall at 90 miles per hour. Girl week is here. I feel about a million pounds heavier (though I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with all the food we ate this weekend!) and I'm crabby as hell. John was nice enough to drive straight to the store and pick up some extra-strength Midol. I think he's trying to tell me something. Once I'm in less pain I'll have to kill him or thank him...I'm not sure which yet.

Am I being punished for never having cramps when I was younger? I used to have the nicest, most polite periods in the world. No cramps, usually pretty light, normally lasting about three days. Now? It is like my body is making up for lost time or something. Sitting in the car I had cramps that almost had me doubled over. I have to assume that today's were worse since I was being held hostage on the drive home from Cave Junction. I couldn't get up and move around, which usually at least takes my mind off the pain for a little while until some drugs can kick in.

I took the Midol and I'm having the last glass of merlot left over from turkey day. I've got some pictures to take off of the camera and a few loads of laundry to do. Then I plan on sitting down on the couch and having some nice quality time with the heating pad and some ice cream. I'll recap the weekend tomorrow with pictures from John. That is, after I sleep for 12 hours.

I wanted to add a little blurb about the HoliDailies. I'm pretty psyched about being included on the list. I need some extra motivation to keep updating this month. I've got a ton of things to get done and usually the journal is the first thing to suffer. Hopefully I can keep up with the guidelines. At least 20 entries....I can do that, right? I'm shooting for at least once a day but I'll be secretly thrilled if I hit 20-25. Go click on the link and read everyone else who is writing!

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