November 28, 2002

Turkey Day

I've eaten, taken a nap and had the required late-night turkey sammich. I'm doing laundry and making sure that everything is clean before we head out in the morning.

I've done all the damn dishes twice. We already took care of the carcass (stock for both turkey and dumplings/turkey noodle soup!) and packed the leftovers in the fridge. I think there is like one stock pot left to wash and everything will be done.

I'm trying to type this fast so that it ends up with the right date.

We're going down to Oregon for a few days. I'll be back on Sunday with tales of games, drinking, eating and good friends. Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

PS - John is a saint...he's waking up early enough to be at the PX by 6am to pick up a present that we really want to get for the wildchild. How cool is my husband??

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