November 27, 2002

I remember

As a kid we always seemed to have a great time around the holidays. The night before Thanksgiving my mom would have us all around the dining room table ripping up bread for the stuffing. We would just be sitting there, having a great time while ripping up bread. We'd be baking cookies and trying to help out as much as we could (or staying out of the way, watching whatever holiday stuff was on TV).

I talked with my little sister last year about the things we remember from growing up with Mom and the things we would do as kids. I have some very specific memories and she has very few. It makes me sad that she doesn't have the same memories as me, memories that we could share.

Like the time I was probably about four. I remember being in our little house on Caroline Avenue. I was with my mom in the kitchen. We were getting ready to make my birthday cake. I was probably in the house because of my allergies. Anyway, I remember talking to my grandma about what kind of cake she was going to make for me. A strawberry cake with pink icing in the shape of a heart. My mom was making me a lemon cake with lemon icing (still my favorite cake to this day!) to have with our family at home. The strongest part of that memory is just the overwhelming feeling of being happy. I remember my mom doing something and saying "shit!" which I thought was the funniest thing in the world. I was running in a big circle around the house yelling "shit! shit! shit!" and my mom was chasing me with a dishtowel but couldn't catch me because she was laughing so hard. Since she was laughing it was more like a game and I just kept it up until we both collapsed on the couch in a fit of laughter. I didn't get my mouth washed out or anything but she did remind me that I wasn't supposed to be saying words like that.

Holidays were always such a big thing when we were growing up. We would have everyone in my mother's family together at someone's house. All the kids would play together and trash someone's playroom. There would be food for days and we always had a great time. I miss those times, with a house full of the people you love just enjoying the company. I would almost kill to be able to have my sisters and their families around for the holiday. To have my dad there, able to enjoy all of his grandkids at one time. I can't even remember the last time we spent a holiday as a family? Maybe when I was about 12 or 13? I haven't seen my dad in over 11 years now. Same with my older sister. I haven't seen my mom's family in even longer than that.

The last "family-type" holiday that we (my little family and I) spent was the Chirstmas before we went to Korea. I worked out some kind of deal to get a few days off of work and we drove all night from El Paso to Alabama to be with John's family. It was wonderful to see him be able to spend the holiday with his family and have everyone be together at the same time.

We have our own little family Thanksgiving and Christmas wherever we are...but a part of me longs for the big get-togethers of my childhood.

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