November 26, 2002

Dear Potential Empoyers...

I've applied for almost every job that I can find. Short of hitting the temp agencies I am out of ideas. After having some good success with applications to the university this spring it is quite disappointing to realize that I'm having absolutely no luck this time around. What has changed? I've not lost all my skills since moving back to the US. I've gained some pretty valuable experience in my current job. Is it really true? That anyone and everyone who knows how to type and use office-like software is applying for the same jobs that I am? Is my name too long? I could use just my initials! I can cut my hair! Wear different clothes!

I would like my potential employers to know that not only am I motivated to find a job that I can commit to, I am motivated by the great desire to attain the American Dream...buying a house. I am a grown adult with a child who is almost a teenager and she has never known the feel of a permanent home. The longest we have lived someplace was the three years we lived on base the last time we were here. I want her to know what it is like to live someplace for a long time, to feel like someplace is 'home' and not just a stop along the way. I want her to be able to paint and decorate her room to her hearts content without the worry of holes in the wall or needing to paint.

I would like my potential employer to know that even though I didn't get a college education I am extremely well-read. OK, so I sometimes have problems with commas but, I, am working, on, that! Did I mention my great sense of humor? Everything I know I have learned on my own, either though trial and error or working. Doesn't that count for anything anymore?

I, need a job that lets me be home more with my child now that she is in middle school. She has some tough years ahead of her and I don't think it is fair to her that I am gone every evening until after her bedtime.

Please...give me a chance. I CAN do the job!

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I forgot to post this yesterday and my browser has already eaten this entry once.

If anyone would like a holiday card from me, drop me a line with your address. If you are on the Squishettes card list, I've already got you covered. If you'd like to send a card back, that would be cool as well.


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