November 25, 2002

I'm already cranky!

I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave for work in a little bit. My motivation level has reached zero. Why did I say that I would drive an hour north to attend a class this afternoon?? I'd much rather be staying home, doing some housework and taking my damn time today.

Thankfully this is a short week at work. I had a conversation on Friday night that disturbed me and I'm still not quite over it. I'll be fine...I just need to find a way to take some constructive advice a little better. It doesn't help that I'm a raging cranky bitch by the end of the night since it is about 80+ degrees in my classroom. Guess this means I need to take some ice into work with me and just try to keep more ways than one.

We got all the bulbs planted. This coming spring we should have one hell of a display of pinks and purples all over the front of the house. I still need to figure out what in the hell I'm going to do about the rose bush. Some people have told me that I should never prune at this time of year, yet the website I found about rose bushes in this area said either around Thanksgiving or early spring. I'll probably just wait and do the pruning in the spring and hope for the best. I'm a little concerned about pruning now and totally killing the bush. I've never really had a rose bush that I've had to worry about pruning or anything.

Well, I've put this off long enough. It is about the last possible minute for me to hop in the shower so that I still have time to iron a shirt. Bleh...I'd rather just go back to bed.

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