November 23, 2002

Ooo, she's so domestic!

I'm taking a little break from all the cleaning and moving and sorting we have been doing all morning.

We finally got up the motivation to go through all the bins and boxes here in the office. We figured out that we wouldn't have enough room in the storage closet here in the house, so we also had to clean it out and move some things around. When it became clear that there still wasn't going to be enough room we cleaned out half the wildchild's closet and put all the extra blankets and sheets in there. We took apart some shelves that were taking up more room than they were saving. We consolidated some boxes and emptied a few extra plastic bins so that we can store the Christmas things in them once the holidays are over.

We still have to venture outside to the scary outside storage shed to find the tree and other assorted holiday items. I have no idea where we put everything but I have a sinking feeling that the holiday things are probably spread out among a few boxes.

We moved the treadmill out of the living room and into the office here since we made more room. Maybe having it closer will motivate me a little more to actually use it more often than once in a blue moon.

I think I found the patch cable that goes to my DVD drive! That means I can now figure out how to hook it up to the TV as well and have a DVD player in here.

John and WildChild are in the kitchen making ice cream and bread. I'm eating lunch (leftover roast from last night) and the cats are hiding. In a little bit we'll start to tackle the living/dining room. I'm not happy with the layout of everything so maybe we'll rearrange some stuff. We need to clear a space for the tree to go next weekend....that is if we can find it by then.

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