November 15, 2002


I just had the nicest chat with my husband. I love it when he comes home for lunch and it is just the two of us in the house. We talked about work, school and all kinds of things. He has finally warmed up to the idea of finishing his degree quickly so that he can get started on his MBA or something. I showed him the job descriptions for the jobs that he would be most suited for and more than one wanted an MBA (or equivalent) so at least it is all starting to sink in with him.

Still no word on jobs. Only one position has been filled so far, so I haven't lost hope. Mailed off another cover letter and resume this morning. I hate looking for a job this time of year. Hiring slows down to a crawl and the competition is so much higher.

We're going to see Harry Potter tonight when I get out of class. I'll leave a few minutes early and meet John and WildChild+friend at the theater. I honestly can't wait to see this movie! The commercials, previews and reviews are just making me all the more excited about it!

I have about ten minutes to decide if I'm getting my nails done today. I need to get dressed and hit the ATM first....but I should have plenty of time.

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