November 14, 2002

Current Events BackBite style...

OK, so I got sidetracked and didn't write again before I left for work. I'm writing this tonight before bed because I'm hoping to wake up early enough to get my nails done before work.

I've been watching the news, following the whole Iraq thing with more interest than I normally would. See this? Ask me where my husband is stationed. Ask me what brigade he is assigned to. Go ahead...all the information is there in the article. There is more information about it here.

How am I supposed to prepare for this? Do I want him to go? Fuck no! Do I support his career choice at the present time? Of course I do. Articles like the ones above scare me though. By virtue of the unit he was assigned to, he could (and probably will) be sent into some kind of combat situation. A unit that is much more likely to be "on the front lines" than the units that he has previously been assigned to. A unit that is filled with new equipment, new people and new technology. Military technology. Wouldn't that be enough to scare you?

I don't know the answers. I don't know how to solve the world's issues with Iraq and others. All I know is that my husband has taken an oath to follow orders and go where he is told. I've taken a vow to be with this man though better or worse. Silly me...I thought that our problems early in our marriage were the "worse".

I'm sitting here watching Nightline. We're following a group of Special Forces trainees. So far I've watched them fuck up all kinds of operations. Does this make me feel any better? No. I understand what they are saying and doing...yet there is a part of me that wonders why I should place my faith in my husband's safety and life in the hands of not only his fellow soldiers but also the people sitting in offices that make the decision on if and when he should go defend this country.

He made the decision to join the Army in 1982. No wars, no political turmoils that would make one think that we would ever go to war. People join the Army for so many reasons, the most prevalant being money for school. You don't think that you will be sent to war. You don't think that you'll be sent to "hot spots" to keep the peace. You think that you are going to go to basic training, get assigned to a place that hopefully isn't bad and then find some time to go to school for a greatly reduced price.

Somtimes you get sucked into the machine. The lure of full medical bennies and thirty days of paid vacation a year can be a big draw. You certainly aren't sucked in by the pay. Right now we're making about 75% of a civillian counterpart in this area. Yes, we are living in an area that has a slightly higher cost of living. Sometimes that makes retirement a little more attractive. My husband works about twelve hours a day. Using his pay, he makes about $9.52 per hour. He has over eighteen years experience. He's got a college education. He's supporting a family. He's ready to go wherever, whenever he's told. Me? I'll be home...waiting for his safe return.

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