November 13, 2002

Hi there!

It is amazing what EIGHT whole hours in a row can do for a person!

Now I have to draft a cover letter and mail off a resume for a job I saw posted. It is a regular day job kind of thing and hopefully I can at least get an interview. The job market up here sucks eggs and finding a regular job seems much harder than when we lived here before. I was under the impression that with so much more experience I would have job offers left and right. The problem is, with the tech industry nosedive a few years ago, everyone that knows how to type or use the computer is applying for the same jobs that I'm applying for. I never thought that applying for administrative jobs would be so cutthroat.

I've got some things to say about current events (Iraq, elections, military) but I'm not allowing myself to write them until AFTER I finish the cover letter.

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