November 03, 2002

Slow Weekend

It's been a lazy weekend here at the BackBite house. I was up late Friday night, chatting with some online friends who were nice enough to try and keep me distracted while I worried about my sister.

On Saturday John and I went shopping. We bought a new TV for the computer room. Now I just need to get rid of the big one out in the garage. He built me a nice little shelf so that the TV sits about a foot higher than the monitor. It'll be nice once I move the treadmill in here and can watch TV while walking. I'd like to not only finish cleaning out all the boxes in here while he's gone, but I'd also like to paint! Ever since I found out that I can paint our quarters I've been obsessed with changing the color of the walls. I've been watching lots of Trading Spaces, trying to find some cool colors to use here in the house. Here in the office (which is probably the only room I would attempt on my own) I'm thinking either a pear color or some deep shade of red. Not sure if the red is a great color for a workout room...we'll see.

Today we've been pretty lazy. Watching movies, doing some laundry, cooking. Tomorrow I have to cook a lot since John will be gone for two weeks. I need to make sure that the WildChild has dinners ready. She can just prepare some salad and then pop her food in the microwave. I'd like to do all the floors and make sure the house is all clean...hopefully WildChild and I can maintain it all while John is gone.

I finally heard from my sister last night. She sent me an email describing the horrible events that transpired in CA. I'm happy to report that her and her daughter are home, safe and sound, where they belong.

No word yet on any of the jobs that I applied for. Most of them closed within the last seven days so I'm hoping to hear something this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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