October 29, 2002

well....that's done finally!

I've pretty much caught up on all of the archived stuff that I want to move over. I don't really need to import ALL of the blog entries since most of them were either stupid or pertained specifically to the blog itself.

I had a ton of help this morning as far as fixing things up. I even got a little brave and changed the formatting on the calendars. I hope they look alright to everyone!

I got a call about some extra hours at work. I talked to the boss yesterday and let him know that I'm interested in any extra hours that he can throw my way. If I can't find a full time job, at least I can work as many extra hours as possible and try to get a good December 1st paycheck. I'll still have all my vacation time saved up (since I didn't have to take any for the JournalCon time!) so that will help with the week after Christmas when school is closed. I guess, if I havent found a job by then we might be able to drive down the coast and spend some time in the sunshine. That certainly would be nice!

I'd really rather have a full time job though.

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testing again

OK....the calendars are kinda working again. They are acting all wonky and throwing my header from the main page on each calendar. Also, the archive links from them don't work until I can figure out how in the heck to change the date formats.

Getting there....slowly getting there!

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Fun with PHP

OK, I'm trying the archives and such again this morning. This is actually more of a test post since I converted everything over to .php files this morning. We'll see if I can post now!

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