October 26, 2002


OK, the archives are fucked up, the links are mostly broken. Go me!

Off to a party though and can't spend any more time fixing shit. Hasta!

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Well Looky!

I finally got the archives pages much closer to how I wanted them! Now I can start moving over the rest of the archives from the old journal page. I was only up until 4:30 when I finally gave up. Of course, within an hour this morning I got some much needed answers and tweaked things enough to look like the rest of the journal.

Now I need to finish getting a costume together for tonight!

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More fun with CSS and HTML NOT!

Still fucking around with things. Slowly starting to understand where to put things and how they should be situated in the code and all. Trying to find out how in the hell I can turn the archives page into a page of calendars rather than a big ass long list. I'm reluctant to move over more of the archives until I can figure out a much better layout for them. I might have to code different pages for the years...that might not be too bad but I'm not quite sure how to do it.

Eventually I'll get it all set and then start working on some new graphics.

Back to the code...

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