October 24, 2002

It is the little things in life...

John surprised me by coming home for lunch just after I had published the last entry!

We had a nice talk. I told him about the Halloween party, he told me about the killer run he had to do yesterday morning. I told him about the jobs I applied for, he told me about things at work that are going good and bad. I told him about how things are going for me at work, he told me about his conversations with the DSL bastards. We talked about the fish tanks (and it is obvious he is scared I will somehow kill all the fish while he is gone for two weeks next month!) as well as some new equipment we would like to get for both.

It was a good lunch and a wonderful surprise to see him today!

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Four more jobs applied for this morning. One has just GOT to pan out.

I realized this morning that I haven't even spoken to John since Monday morning. I was hoping to get a hold of him and have him come home for lunch but he left his cell at home this morning. I guess I'll just leave him a note.

As much as I don't mind being home alone all day, not seeing my family is starting to get a little creepy. I see WildChild for about thirty minutes when she gets home from school. I can go days without seeing/talking to John. This isn't the life I'm supposed to be leading. While I'm certainly NOT supposed to be a stay-at-home mom, I should be seeing more of my child than a few minutes a day. I should be getting up in the morning, having coffee with my husband. I should be having dinner with my family in the evenings. I should be home when everyone else is home.

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