October 22, 2002

Not much time

I have to leave the house early today and drive up north for a training class. I'm not that enthusiastic about it but hopefully it will be fun and informative. It is supposed to be all about how the company wants us to train our classes. From the sounds of it, they want less lecture and more hands on training. I already do that though. We're supposed to bring a lesson plan that we plan on teaching about a week or so from now. I hope we don't have to do an on-the-spot presentation. I do great in front of students, I get much more nervous in front of my peers.

The weather here is kicking into winter mode. Dreary days and cold nights. I think that has a lot to do with my wanting to sleep more. I am constantly walking around and turning on lights all over the house just to make it brighter in here. It helps a bit. Still searching for a day job. Applied for one more here in Tacoma so hopefully one of the three will pan out. They don't close until the end of this week or next, so I'm not expecting to hear much before then. I just wish it wasn't such a blow to the ego.

Anyway, I need to go digure out what in the heck I'm going to wear today, shower, find something to eat and then head out. Is it Friday yet?

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