October 20, 2002


Didn't do any reading. Instead we cleaned up the computer room, moved out the huge TV and moved in my old desk. I forgot how much I loved this desk! There is all kinds of storage so now it looks so much neater. I took some pictures of before, during and after. There are three pictures for each. The first one will be standing in the doorway looking straight into the room. The second will be diagonally across the room, the third will be the "computer corner".

Before one is what you would see if you just walked straight into the room and yes, it was a total fucking mess; before two is the view diagonally across the room (notice the Crimson Tide flag on my wall...I've married into the Tide!); before three is the view if you walked in and looked left.

During oneand now you can see the HUGE floor console TV that we're giving to Goodwill as well as some of the containers that John bought today to help him sort though some of his things in the living room (oh, and that's Spazz in the window); during two showing things generally out of the way except for Oliver; during three we've cleaned off the desk that was for John's computer.

After one showing the weight bench I haven't been using lately, as well as a few more things we have to hang back up on the wall since my desk is too high now (and Spazz again in the window); after two it shows the old desk I was using as well as all the plastic storage containers we need to put on shelves outside eventually; after three (which is the only one really taken from inside the room. You get a much better picture of my desk this way.) You can see my green lava lamp, the chair my friend gave me, the cool purple keyboard, and the purple monitor (though it has a white front).

Now you can see why I'm tired! I want another beer now...

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Adventures of the brain dead in CSS land

I'm still mucking around with the format and such. I like the header, as simple as it is now. I despise how the archive links are and wish that I could just do them yearly for previous years, monthly for this year.

John went and got me a new bolt for the chair so I am all comfy-happy here now. He's in a grumpy-ass mood so I'm letting him sort through both his emotions and "stuff" in the living room. His corner of the room has gotten out of control. He did, to his credit, buy some plastic bins to sort through everything and regain some sense of order. We plan on moving the big TV out of the computer room today. I might even see what his mood is like when I ask him to fix my old desk and bring it inside. I like this desk that I'm using now but it is so SMALL! I like my old desk and all the room it had. It would also make a great place to put the TV so that we could lift weights or use the treadmill and still see everything. Of course, that means we'd have to go shopping for a new small TV. Oh darn!

So, now I'm off to read about templates and tags and CSS and html and "stuff" and perhaps I'll figure everything out. I've gotten some great info so far from Meg and maybe that will do what I want it to do.

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