October 19, 2002

the good, the bad and the not-so-ugly

So she's gone...on her way south to Oregon. I'm glad she called this morning and that John and I could do something to help her out on her last day here. I felt bad leaving before they were quite finished but I was afraid I'd get all mushy and cry or something. I held the babe as much as I could and tried to get him to say "Mom, move back to Seattle" but he didn't cooperate. Even at three months old, he's got a mind of his own! She gave me a great office chair. Much MUCH nicer than the one that I was using. I need to find some extra screws for the base, but it's nice and it has arms! Great comfort for all the time I'm going to have to spend moving over all the archives.

After leaving her house, I took John out to lunch at Cedars. The food was wonderful and I had chicken palak again. John liked the mango lasse and the naan. He had some curry/tomato dish that he seemed to enjoy. It was a nice, lazy lunch since the place wasn't that busy.

Since we were already downtown, John wanted to hit Pike Place Market and get some fish for tomorrow. We watched the flying fish guys for a bit and then placed our order for three "Dungeness fat crabs!" and some cod filets. He also picked up some bakalava for him and WildChild to eat tonight. I bought the coolest purse in the world at a collectables shop! I'll have to take a picture of it later and post it. Way cute and retro looking. Bonus that the inside is all velour and has a little mirror! We stopped at a few antique stores looking for an old Singer stand for the sewing machine we have. The only two we found already had machines so that was pretty pointless. Not that we could have had room to take it home seeing as how we'd driven my car. There were some great retro dinette sets that had been redone. Hot pink and grey...how cool! I should have taken my camera.

Overall a good ending to a sad morning. Having been downtown shopping, I really need a better job now. It is now time to go veg out, watch some TV and snuggle with John.

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