October 17, 2002


Dear AT&T Broadband,
First off, let me tell you how much I am enjoying our digital cable. I don't have a lot of time to watch TV, but I like knowing that I have a few hundred channels to choose from. We are even considering getting a third box, mainly to satisfy my desire to watch TV while working on the computer.

That said, I have a request (and please feel free to milk this idea for all it is worth)...could you please please PLEASE put cable modem on BaseName? There are 3,589 homes here on base. 3,589 potential customers that are growing more and more tired of the limited options for high-speed internet on base. I, for one, seem to live in a house that doesn't qualify for DSL because the demonic phone lines bounce back as coming from Zimbabwe or something similar. I am not allowed to have any kind of broadband dish because we cannot have outgoing signals here on base. I can't get my phone lines rewired in my home because, well...I don't know why, I just was told we can't.

Today's military is slowly getting online and those of us without broadband are getting left behind. Trying to take college courses online has become next to impossible since most places are designing webpages and courses based on the idea that "everyone has broadband". Just being "on" the internet is a chore with pages loading so slowly that we tend to just give up (or find other things to do while waiting).

You could talk about how you are supporting the troops and their families. About how you are trying to help enhance the lives of those living on base. About how much you care about our happiness (and access to high-speed internet). Please consider installing the appropriate equipment...and if you chose to start in the area called BaseArea, that would be even better.



Dear Qworst,
You win. I am almost officially giving up on trying to get DSL from you. I don't live in Eastern Washington, Zimbabwe or any other remote place. I live on a fucking military base with other people that have DSL. I do not have DSL. I have extreme DSL envy. I have extreme DSL envy because I cannot understand how someone three houses down can get your service and I cannot. I don't understand how a tech can come out to my house, perform the appropriate tests on the line, determine that we are WELL within the required distance to the "box" and yet, your computers tell us no. I don't understand how you can override the computer IF we chose to have the "preferred" provider of MSN yet not do the same if I choose to have a real internet provider. I have to assume that there is some kind of agreement with the military, because the option of choosing a different DSL provider here on base is impossible. I have no other options but dial-up. I can't even get a second line because something is wrong "out at the pole" and the second line coming into our house is unuseable. You don't want to help me resolve this issue, yet you won't let me go anywhere else to get me some DSL-lovin'. Hi. I hate you.

No love,

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