October 16, 2002

When one door closes...

Eh, sucky title but I am still thinking about what my little sister said to me earlier. She informed me that the reason I didn't get the job was because there was something much better out there for me. I sure hope she is right. As much as I love teaching, I don't see any full time openings occuring any time soon. I did apply for a few jobs at the Tacoma campus of UW. I updated my files with them so we'll see what happens.

I keep wondering why I didn't get either of the jobs. Why wasn't I the best? I DID the job in the past...why didn't that make me the most qualified person? It makes ME feel both better and worse to realize that it was probably my flakieness when I worked there before that held me back. I went though some pretty rough times when I worked for them and I wouldn't blame them for assuming that I am the same person I was back then. But damn people, five years does a LOT to change a person. They didn't even call any of my references. Not one. Ya know what? Fuck'em. It is their loss. I'll find something else and be my spectacular self and excel at whatever job I end up in full time.

On a much happier note, I got my mid-course review this evening from my boss. Nothing but wonderful things said about me from my students. I guess they appreciate my laid back approach to teaching, letting them have time to explore rather than listening to me lecture all evening. I'm looking forward to getting my next group of students since the class is much larger. There is much more interaction going on when there are 15 students in the room rather than just two. I get to start teaching their introduction to spreadsheets and databases next week so it should be a lot of fun.

Went to lunch with friends at Taco Guyamas (I had Chile Verde). Wonderful food! I'll have to take John and the WildChild since they have been going through Mexican food withdrawls.

OH! I almost forgot! I mailed out the tapes and CD that were promised to people. I've got another request for one tape. Email me and let me know...though I'd prefer not to send out too many copies of the "Karaoke Night" video.

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I didn't get the job. It sucks. Off to a job fair I saw here on base.

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