October 15, 2002

Final table pics and other assorted goodness

This is a close-up shot of the nightstand with the grout all done. There are still a few more tiles to clean up and scrape but overall, it is done.

I'm not sure what I'll make yet. We are still discussing what kind of bed frame we'd like to have. All I know is that I'll end up putting mosaic on the footboard...haven't decided on the headboard or not.

I've been having a great time this morning watching the videos while making copies. Even though the karaoke video looks bad, you can still see who is who...damn NightShot settings! John came home for lunch and started watching the Pamie Panel video with me. He asked a few questions but overall, really enjoyed watching. I finally finished making the last tape and now I've got to put them in boxes to mail. I might even get them to the post office today!

It is a pretty slug-like day here. Cooking a roast, doing laundry, making videos and generally trying to clean up. The WildChild is home from school already. She's got half days this week so she's being a trooper and helping out with the housework. Of course, she's just sucking up since we got her progress report.

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