October 14, 2002

She's Crafty!

We got the nightstands done. Here is a picture I took of both table just before I left for work. Here is another one close up. John finished the grout and all on both tables and they look just beautiful! Next I want to try some actual designs and see how it works. We did have a pretty good time breaking all the tiles with a hammer!

Tomorrow I need to finish up the tapes I'm mailing out, drop a swag CD in the mail and do some laundry. I need more clothes that don't need to be ironed!

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Various thoughts I had today...

"I spend so much time on the computer and talking about the various things I do online....why in the hell doesn't my husband read my journal?"

"Fuck! Hmmm, what happens when you spill vodka in the freezer?"

"Why does John worry so much when I try to be creative? Is the thought of my creating something THAT scary?"

"Why can't I live in Hawaii or have one of my best friends live here in Seattle?"

"Why is he still married to my psychotic self?"

"I love him."

I read an entry by someone going through what I percieve to be a pretty hard time. I don't know how to make things better for her. Do I look for places for her to live down here? Do I just offer an ear? Do I offer a port in the storm? What in the fuck am I supposed to do?

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