October 13, 2002

More pictures

I took a few more pictures. This is another picture of the tiles from the big table. I turned up the brightness a bunch so that you can see the actual colors that we used. The white areas are either white tiles or spaces for grout.

This is a picture of the nightstand that John built. He's almost done painting it in the picture. These are the tiles that we are using, along with a mixture of white, black and colored stones.

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Tables and fish and tiles, oh my!

We finally got all the tiles on the big table. John is sanding the smaller nightstand tables right now, so maybe tomorrow I can put tile on them as well.

Here is a picture of the top of the table before we started.

Here is a picture after the tiles were laid and before we've done the grout (honestly, we just ran out and the stores are all closed.)

We also stopped at the store to buy the saltwater fish. Here is a picture of the tank and here is a picture of the fish. It is pretty dark...but the light spot with the flecks of neon blue are the fish.

I'm off to help John finish sanding so that we can paint the tables black tonight.

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The one where my brain explodes

I could kick myself for not learning more about html and css and all that other stuff back when it was way new. As it is, I'm going to have to go to the bookstore, buy some books and just sit down and learn what I want to know.

The page is getting closer to looking how I want, but I still can't figure out how to keep all the stuff on the right over on the right if the entries are small/short. No, they like to taunt me and move way over to the left under the entries and make me look all stupid and stuff.

At least I got the background image to load...that's a start! I'll be mucking around with the page off and on today. I've got some tables to finish (real tables, not html) and I think John is going to force me to go to the grocery store with him in a bit.

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