October 12, 2002

To code or not to code...

Does reading tutorials about CSS while drinking vodka tonics sound like a good idea? I might have to just bookmark the pages and come back to them in the morning. But damn, I really want the background image to work properly!

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Today was good and bad

You ever do something for a friend even though you know it is going to make you sad? I went to Seattle today, toting a bunch of empty boxes and packing material for my friend. See, she's moving to Oregon this month. I don't want her to go but I understand her motivation and reasons for leaving. I can't do anything to alleviate any of them and it just makes me sad. I can't find her a job where she makes a gazillion dollars a year while still being able to take her son to work with her. I can't find her a nice sized AND affordable apartment in downtown Seattle where there is both parking and parks near by. I can't find her the perfect man, one who cooks and cleans and rubs her feet every night. I can't do any of those things...so I took her boxes and paper and helped her pack. I can only hope that she escapes the depths of southern Oregon, at least to Portland where I can visit much more easily.

In other news...we stopped at the fish store on the way home. I had to call John to meet me somewhere off base since I realized I'd left my license and ID card in my coat. We stopped at Zoopas for a light dinner (salad for me, wasn't that hungry) and then the fish store. We got two pair of Gourmi fish for the freshwater tank and 15 pounds of what is called Live Rock for the saltwater tank. We almost bought a pair of large damsel fish to start cycling the tank but we decided to wait until we could do another test to make sure all the salt and chemical levels are correct. Of course, with John in charge of the tanks, everything is perfect. Since the fish store is open until 9pm, I'm surprised that he didn't run back out to get the fish.

I'm still fighting with MT and getting the templates all laid out like I want. There is supposed to be a graphic up at the top...but of course, I can't figure out how to make it happen. I might find another template that actually uses a graphic and go from there. I got all the entries that I wanted moved from blogger here to this page. Eventually I will move the old OLD archives over to MT. That is a project for another day. Tonight is vodka tonics and TV night.

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