October 11, 2002

More geekchat

I'm trying to get more entries moved over this morning. Is it wrong of me to be so damned in love with the little calendar? I spent hours and hours yesterday fucking around with this program and why? Because I've been seduced by the little calendar. It is sad, I know.

Today is Friday, right? I had a moment of panic and then pleasure yesterday when I thought it was only Wednesday. Made sense to my brain which said "you have only worked two days this week beeyotch, get going!" and it was with great sadness that I trudged on the treadmill and showered for work. When I sat down to check email one last time my mouse went over the time thingy in the bottom right corner. I almost wept with joy just at knowing it was, in fact, Thursday! Since today is Friday that means that tomorrow is Saturday and I have lots of stuff to do. I am helping a friend move some of her things in preparation for her move to Oregon, I will hopefully be meeting one of the TUS folks and slipping her a copy of my swag CD from JournalCon. I am going to be searching high and low for tiles that I like so that I can finish the SexTable (which will now and forever more make me smile just at the thought of sitting down to dinner!) as well as the small night stands that John will hopefully be fininishing this weekend.

Except for the computer/weight room I am almost ready to take pictures for the house tour. I think I need a new camera though. As much as I love the video camera that I got for John, it tends to take some pretty crappy pictures unless you have it sitting on a tripod. I suppose I could just move the tripod around the house. We'll see. Anyway, back to editing/adding entries. I suppose the good part is that I can just ignore all the boring ones and leave them on blogger.

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More moving

You would think that after moving from another country in June then moving into another house at the end of August I would be pretty damned reluctant to move anything right now.

As it is, I installed MT, like it much better than blogger or greymatter and would like to continue using it. Of course, I do this after everyone and their brother has posted a link to the blog page. Eventually I will move all the entries over to MT with the appropriate dates and all*. Until then, this is the place for all the current stuff. Hopefully I can geek out this weekend and move it all. Right now though? I'm going to bed.

*no, the import thing didn't work. I have no idea why but it just gave me a bunch of blank entries.

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