October 09, 2002

JC Pictures

I'm slowly going through some of the pictures. I now know that I need some kind of flash/light for the video camera when trying to film in a dark bar. The pictures aren't that sharp since I had the camera set to nightshot but it was the only way to film at Karaoke. I had to lighten the pictures a lot none the less. So....no, people really are more vibrant and colorful than in my pictures, I swear! That said, here are some "safe" ones to post....

John Scalzi doing his George Michael impersonation while singing Faith.

Pamie singing. More Pamie Singing. I tried to find pictures that were flattering. Hope you like them Pam!

Pam telling everyone I am "...so getting the insecticide chalk!" after my deep, personal question during her panel.

This was actually Frank's sushi lunch, but we had the same thing and I forgot to take a picture when we were served.

The next picture is for the 227 Crew. Well, that and proof that John really does exist and is the most wonderful husband in the world. The table John built for me.

The next three pictures are of my fish tanks. I'm too lazy to post this and make another entry about them. No fish yet, we need to let the water cycle and all that fun stuff before we add fish. Both tanks. Freshwater tank. Saltwater tank with no sand or coral covering the bottom.

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