October 07, 2002

My brain cells have left the building

Best line of the evening here at home: "Well, obviously I can't work the damn thing because I don't possess a penis!" So uh yeah, when I was complaining about the camera I just wasn't holding the button down long enough or something stupid like that. The best part? The tape was at Pam's Axl impersonation. John actually stopped and watched the song before showing me how to capture pictures from the tape. I tell you, I'm dangerous now! I know how to take pictures from video!

I took a few pictures of the fishtanks as well. I know it sounds stupid...."here are pictures of my empty fishtanks, aren't they purty??" but really, they make me almost insanely happy. After seven years we're going to have saltwater fish again!

I downloaded MT tonight. I'll try and install it later to play around. I'm getting a little antsy about the journal being more of a journal instead of a blog. I probably should have gone to the MT panel this weekend. Either way, off to capture pictures and make sure they are presentable to post on the web.

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I am still exhausted. I just unloaded the car and unpacked the suitcase. I so wish the cats were trained to do laundry, then I wouldn't feel guilty about wanting to take a nap.

So....thoughts about this past weekend.

First off, if you ever have to drive a long distance, Sasha is the person to take along with you. We had a great time in the car for our total 24 hours of driving. We didn't trash our hotel room until the last night so I think we both made good roomies for the weekend.

Jen really is fuckin' pink and sparkly! After reading her journal, I think I only had one moment of fangirl mushiness during dinner while telling her how much I enjoy her journal. We had an awesome time hanging out on Saturday night/Sunday morning. The "227 Crew" now knows more about me than I care to admit while sober. Sasha reminded me of the best quote of the evening...."I've never had a piece of furniture built specifically for sexual purposes." Yeah, I had to drink....fuckers! At least I can say I got to sleep with Jen and no, the wallaby wasn't involved.

Pamie and AB were both adorable. Many bonding moments over drinks and/or smoking outside. I felt comfortable enough to parade around in my cute penguin pants with everyone else. I now must attend Chao Camp so that I can start all my best stories with "This one time at Chao Camp..." as well as coming up with a kick ass drink.

PG is now one of my new sisters. Much clinking of glasses at 4am Sunday morning. I'd still like to trade hair! Vodka tonics and Austin should equal JournalCon 2003!

Jared was the man who saved the day by asking the taxi driver where we could buy booze then actually going around the crack whores into the store to get it! The Mandarin Absolut was the perfect choice! Thanks for breakfast, even if my room did end up sleeping through the first panel Sunday morning.

Meg was adorable and one of the sweetest people I met all weekend. We shared meals, a cab and more than enough drinks.

Emily made me long for being in my 20's again. I don't think I did too badly trying to keep up with her seeing as how I'm so old!! I still feel bad for walking by you at the elevator! If you didn't get one of the CDs that I made, drop me an email and I'll shoot one off to you.

There are still so many other people that I met, people that totally made my day by recognizing me from various places. I got over the paranoia that nobody would know or care who the heck I was. I ate sushi for the first time as well as Indian food after the hike from hell. Both were excellent enough to make me want to search out places to find both here in Tacoma. I was the winner of insecticide chalk after having my "I have no brain cells left" question was read aloud to Pam. I drank more in one weekend than I have this past year combined. I slept much less than usual but it was worth every moment. I enjoyed the panels that I attended. I think my face still hurts from all the smiling.

I have videos of karoke and the Pamie Panel. I haven't had a chance to record them onto VHS. I was trying to figure out how to capture pictures from video but obviously I don't have enough brain cells to complete the task properly. No, I haven't decided if these tapes can be released to the public or not. When John comes home and can babysit me trying to move the pictures from the camera to the computer, I'll post linkage to them.

I am already looking forward to next year. I need to lose about eleventy billion pounds (most of which were consumed this weekend in food and booze and snacky snacks on the drive home) and magically become 21 again so that I can party like a rock star and not feel bad the next morning. And I am totally NOT driving, even if it is in Seattle! Rock stars fly, damnit!

When Sasha and I walked in the house last night, John had filled both fishtanks and started the filters. I will have to take some pictures once I am done with all of the JournalCon stuff. The tanks look beautiful. The freshwater is just about ready for fish. The saltwater tank needs some black sand for the bottom. If my bank account wasn't crying out in pain right now I just might be at the store buying some just to make it one step closer to being done enough to add salt, live rocks and fish. Yes, we are a geeky fish family.

No news on the job front. I'm going to send out a few emails and see if I can find something out. That is, right after I take a nap.

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