October 05, 2002

Taking a quick mental health break during JC

I'm being a little anti-social right this minute and skipping out on the last panel of the morning. I'm also wishing for a nap, so I might give up my ticket to Alcatraz and just get a little more sleep. For some reason, this computer isn't letting me check my email again so anything sent to the email links here won't be answered until I get home on Monday.

So....I'm here in San Francisco. The drive went quite well except for the misting rain. Not too much traffic but enough to keep me awake. The weather here is absolutely perfect and I wish I had thought to bring a pair of shorts.

It is strange being here, putting faces to names and stories. I've been shocked when people realize who I am (my nametag said Michelle, I added the rowEn part to make it less confusing) and exclaim "I know you!" and smile. Wow, people actually know who I am be it from this place, the old journal or a forum. Of course, the uber-dork in me is feeling like everyone else is a hundred times more hip and cute and chic and way cooler than I am. I've taken some pictures with the camera and will be posting a lot of them somewhere once I get home. The laptop isn't quite fast enough to take the pictures off the camera.

Had a great time last night once we decided to just head out and find a bar. Stayed until closing and got up at 7:30am. Probably explains why I would like a nap. It was interesting sitting at a table with people who had, 24 hours prior, basically been complete strangers. We never ran out of things to talk about and it was just nice (goodness how this keyboard here in the business center sucks...and high speed internet? don't fucking think so). Anyway, someone just walked in here and would like to use the internet. I'm outta here. Gotta find someone to take the alcatraz tour in my place. If any Journalers are reading this, hi! Yes, I geeked out, freaked out and needed some alone time. I'm feeling a little more "ok" know so perhaps it is time to go back out in the real world and enjoy San Francisco this afternoon.

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