August 02, 2002

The one where I didn't pay the phone bill

OK....lots of things have happened in the past two weeks..... 8/1/02 Well...if you don't pay your phone bill on time, they make it so that you can't dial out. Good thing to know, huh? So I'm writing this in notepad until I can get back online. The past few days have been a real whirlwind of activity. Yesterday (July 31st) I had a job interview. The interview went wonderfully and I was offered a part-time position teaching computer software. I am going to be working in the evenings, Monday through Friday. During my training period (until about the 12th) I'll be working more full-time hours than part-time, which is good. We can always use the money. The only drawback is that I only get paid once a month. We're pretty used to that with my teaching in Korea. I always got paid on the last working day of the month. So....I have a job that pays pretty OK with the possibility of getting a raise in 90 days. Good deal, huh? Today has been the real kicker. We got a phone call from the housing office on base. They have a house for us...ready now. At first we told ourselves no...we signed the lease here for six months. After dragging out that paperwork, there is a clause for breaking the lease in the event we're offered military housing. Another good deal. It is a three bedroom duplex. We'd lose the garage but gain the extra room in the house. And there is a carport....sorta like half a garage I guess. We would definately save a few hundred dollars a month by living on base. I'd feel safer with us living on base and me working evenings. We aren't thrilled with the school district but for middle school it is better than the high school. We're hoping to be out of quarters and into a house before the wildchild starts high school. John is looking into all the details today and tomorrow...hopefully by Monday we'll know something more concrete as far as dates and whatnot. I'm hoping that my boss has me working evenings again tomorrow so that we can go see the new quarters in the morning. I'd like to know what we're looking at as far as size and arrangement of the house. I've lost ten pounds since we got here. Not bad at all. I'm sure that both working in the evenings (prime snacking time!) and getting the treadmill will go a LONG way in making the numbers on the scale go smaller and smaller. Seeing my sister and how beautiful she is gave me a renewed sense of "I can do this!" as far as losing weight. Since I probably won't get to see her for quite some time, I'd like to be a whole new person the next time we're face to face :) I need to go slap on some minimal make up and get dressed for work. Hopefully the phone line will be fully back on tomorrow. Otherwise it'll be a LONG LONG weekend here :) 8/2/02 Again with no phone today. John is going to call....I mean really, how fucking long can it take for a check to go 50 miles? We're moving at the end of the month. I would expect that shortly after I'll be admitted to the psych ward just to take a break. We're totally dreading it but....we can break the lease with no problem and it is a three bedroom...which we need. I suppose the good thing is that the government will pay for movers to come pack and move us. Good thing...I wouldn't move this soon if we had to do it ourselves. We went to the housing office this morning and were given two addresses and basically told to go pick one. We picked the one that was on the corner...bigger yard and no neighbors on both sides of us. The nice thing about these duplexes is the carports are in the center so there are no shared walls between the homes. They all look like they have been heavily rennovated since we were here in 1997. They actually look pretty modern with nice vinyl siding and new windows. We'll be able to plant flowers and stuff which John and I will both like a lot. We can even create a nice little garden next spring out in the backyard. My first night at work went just fine. I really like the people I'll be working with which will make the sucky hours that much more enjoyable. I'll be working full time hours next week so that will really help out at the end of the month. In addition to getting paid for living off base I'll get paid as well....and we won't have any rent to pay! Definately easier to save up money for trips and buying a house. I also need some more work clothes. Bleh...still trying to hold off on those as much as possible so that I can buy way smaller sizes :) Time to go shower and get ready for work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the phones are turned on by the time I get home tonight. I guess if we don't have a modem line this weekend we'll clean out the bedrooms and garage for the last shipment of stuff on Tuesday. I still don't know where it's all going to go... Which brings us current. Everything did, in fact, fit in the garage. There is one aisle, about 18" wide, from the door out of the garage. I am loving work but will actually be glad when next week gets here and I don't go in until later in the afternoon. Taught for an hour last night and flubbed up one part where I was trying to show them how to delete rows and it didn't work. I'm too used to working with Office 2000 so I need to do some brushing up. My boss just laughed and said it was alright, I fixed it and that was what is important. He liked my teaching style and said he knew I'd do great. Since it is a night class I'll be teaching, he wanted someone who would keep the energy level up in the room. He gave me a binder of information for me to use for my first whole session and with that, I'll be able to modify it as I go along and "make it mine." Most of my games and such are going to have to come out of my memory since I can't find my books. They are all in a box somewhere out in the garage and there is just no way I can find them until we're all moved and unpacked. I've got to go find something to iron for work. Working full time this week so I need to leave in a few hours.

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