June 16, 2002

Last entry from Korea

It's just after 5am Monday morning here. This is probably the last internet connection I'll have until we leave. I have no idea what kind of internet connection the hotel in Seoul has but since we don't even have a dialup account here it's probably a moot point. Should I be making some long sad entry about how I'm leaving a beautiful country and all that? Because I just can't. I'm just too excited about too many little things I can do in the US. Like going to a grocery store and having CHOICES of different kinds of food. Milk that hasn't been ultra-homogonized so that it doesn't expire for a month. Teas!!! Drinking the tap water. While it might not taste that great in some places, at least you don't get daily warnings about not drinking it. It'll be nice, realy. Water pressure in general will be a good thing. I'm tired of not having enough water pressure to really rinse the conditioner out of my hair without waving the shower wand over my head 42 times. Cable TV and commercials. I know I'll hate the commercials again in a few days but I really miss them now. And the choices to watch things on TV. And HBO...oh how I want American HBO. Arbys. I know how silly that sounds but KFC and BK and even McD's is over here. Arbys isn't. It's all about wanting what you can't have, isn't it? Anyway, this is probably it for about a week. I'm not real sure where the dialup modem is for the laptop or if it even really works with this thing. If there is a business center at the hotel in Seoul I'll be checking email but that is about it. The next time I write this, hopefully I'll be back on the Grape Ape computer and at my old desk. I miss my things in storage, it'll be like Christmas again to get it all back with us. Love and hugs to everyone. We're thinking of Vegas the second week in July, sometime around the 8-12th. Let me know if you'll be there!!!

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