May 05, 2002

Misc Korean chit chat's been one heck of a weekend!

On Friday night John and I went to a Hail/Farewell dinner. Afterwards we went downtown with a few other people. I'd never been to any of the bars here so it was ummmm, eye opening to say the least. I know all about the JuicyGirls and how they operate. To shorten the whole thing....girls work for the club. They want you to buy them drinks so that they don't have to take their turn up on the stage dancing in their g-strings. One song one dance then on to the next girl. We did a lot of "grading". So that was fun.

On Saturday we went downtown to the ceramics store. There were some plates that John wanted to buy before we shipped our last household goods shipment. They are green with cranes on them. The cranes make a trail across both plates. They are quite beautiful. We also bought a small dark green vase that has a crane on it as well. Then, while we were waiting for adjuma to ring up our order I saw this beautiful bowl that can only be described as 'art'. It is a myriad of blues and greens and browns. It is large and has slightly scalloped/ridged edges all the way around. I definately have to take a picture and post it.

Today we went back downtown because I wanted to find a tanning salon as well as check out some of the shoe maker stores. A custom pair of sandals will probably run me about $50 so that was nice to find out. We then walked into the purse store. Before I tell you what I bought I should come out with my shameful confession. While I own two Coach bags and even more "other" purses, for the past two years I have carried a Disneyland fannypack as a purse. That said....I know have a beautiful black nylon Kate Spade bag. I even bought the wildchild a Kate Spade backpack. I'll definately be getting more before I leave. I'm in love with this bag! It isn't too big or too small and one side completely zips up while the other is open. Plenty of little zippered places to put things. I love it. I also made John buy me some luggage. We knew that we needed some new large suitcases so while we were there the adjuma at the store said she'd give us the set of hardsided suitcases for $115. I am now the very happy owner of metallic pink hardsided matching luggage! John refused to walk all over downtown with them so we picked them back up when we were on our way home. And I did find the tanning salon and go tanning. 46 more days!

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