April 21, 2002

ready to just go

59 days. It seems like forever ago that it was over 100. We got the truck all shipped on Friday as well as picking up John's replacement. It finally feels like we're leaving this place.

I've been doing a lot more job searches. Since the place I want to live is more expensive than our allowance, John is pretty insistant that I find a job either before we get there or soon after. Yeah, easier demanded than done, right? I'll keep working on it though. Somebody has got to think that 1) I'm not lying when I say we're moving and I don't want any moving money and 2) I'd make a pretty damn fine employee. I hate looking for a job.

We're carpooling now. I already hate it. I had to leave the house a whole hour early this morning and I know I won't get to leave work early. I already miss having both cars. We're definately a two-car family. If John worked more normal hours it wouldn't be nearly as bad. I like riding in with him and all, having that time alone in the car...I just want to do it an hour later in the morning :)

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