April 15, 2002

Moving stuff and a small picture of my beloved computer.

Well....most of our stuff is gone. Like good little consumers, the first thing we did was run out and buy a new TV. We thought that the little 13" would be OK for the next two months, and don't ya know, it has gone the way of the....whatever kind of animal is extinct. It works...sorta, but there is this majorly annoying message "TEST AREA" right in the middle of the screen in big neon green letters. Not real cool for Survivor watching, ya know? Anyway, we got a dual-voltage 21" flat screen. It's quite nifty and was not only $30 cheaper than the 20" curved screen Sony, but we got an additional 15% off! No, we aren't too proud to buy something that's been returned to the store. Well, in the electronics section anyway.

It's weird, sitting here where the grape ape used to sit. I miss it. A LOT. I keep having little panic attacks that I'll forget every password I've ever set and be totally screwed come tomorrow. *sigh*

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